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Holding company that unites a part of the biggest companies in Ventspils Free Port, which deal with the handling of ammonia, light oil products and other oil chemical products, provide services of freight forwarding by rail and brokerage and are the biggest biofuel producers in the Baltic countries.

The forwarding and handling of freights of ammonia, light oil products and cargos intended for biodiesel production and wholesales of ammonia and other chemical products.

Product acceptance, storage and loading onto ships in the territory of Ventspils Freeport.

Transshipment of liquid ammonia, oil and chemical products and storage thereof in shore tanks and other services.

Liquid oil and chemical product consignment document preparation and arrangement services for its customers.

Biodiesel production.

BioVenta has repeatedly obtained the ISCC certificate, which attests to the sustainability of the product produced by BioVenta

Cooperation of BioVenta and LDz Ritošā sastāva serviss has extended into 2016

Exactly 5 years ago, Bureau Veritas certified the biodiesel produced by BioVenta according to the quality criteria of the ISCC sy...

This year, just like last year, BioVenta won the competition held by LDz Ritošā sastāva serviss for the supply of biodiesel from April to October 2016. During th...

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