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Bio-Venta, which is the largest biodiesel production and transhipment complex in the Baltic States, have been able to procure the necessary amount of rapeseed to continue to produce biodiesel, rapeseed expeller and other by-products from the manufacturing process.


Rape-cake obtained from rape seed recycling process, serves as a high-quality albumen (protein) and energy source for animal nutrition. Cakes are used as protein supplement for poultry, pigs and cattle, fish, especially cow feed ration. Experts of this field recommend dose for cattle up to 2.5 kg per day. At this quantity it is likely to increase the milk production to 4 liters per day.


Catalog contains the information about the environment and the renewable energy industry specificity and information about those Latvian company who are operating in this industry. The information about the catalog and about our profile is available here

After information who have been published in Lursoft, Ltd. Bio-Venta in 2013. year has been ranked among the 300 largest companies in Latvian, taking an honorable place - 39. The companies have been evaluated after their current assets.
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