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Biodiesel (100 000 t)


The biofuel manufactured by SIA Bio-Venta is safe and recommended for use in motor vehicles, because:

-     use of biofuels is prescribed by the regulatory enactments of the EU and the admixture of 7% of biofuels to fossil fuel has already been introduced in European countries on the basis of these legal provisions;

-      the chemical content and quality of biofuels is regulated by particular standards that have been developed with consideration of the use of biofuels in the engines of motor vehicles. The main purpose of these standards is to determine uniform requirements for the biofuel sold in Europe;

-      these standards are developed by experts who are competent in their respective areas and who are specialists from Europe’s biggest fuel traders (Statoil, Neste, etc.) and representatives of engine manufacturers (Volkswagen, Mercedes, Scania etc.).


More than 20 years of experience of use in European countries proves that the majority of engine problems that are attributed to the use of biodiesel have been caused by fuel that does not comply with quality requirements. Therefore, if the engine fails, one should immediately approach an accredited laboratory (e.g. LATSERT) to determine the compliance of the fuel with standards and regulatory enactments.


Rapeseed cake/expeller (65 000 t)


-       Colour:  grey to brown;

-       Smell:  characteristic of rapeseed cake, without any additional smells

-       Moisture:  not more than 11%

-       Oil content with the actual moisture level:  7 to 12 %

-       Proteins:  not less than 30%


Pharmaceutical glycerine (9 000 t)


-       Appearance:  colourless, liquid

-       Glycerol content:  min. 99.8%

-       Chloride content ppm:  max.10

-       Water content % (w/w):  max. 0.2


Potassium sulphate (1 600 t)