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World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5th June. During this celebration, Venstpils City Council has presented an award for the third year in a row - the annual award in the field of the environment. This year the acknowledgement and the award “The Most Environmentally Friendly B category Company” was granted to Ventamonjaks Serviss Ltd.


During the unloading of liquid cargo from the freight car, the liquid cargo loading equipment operators of Ventamonjaks Serviss noticed a suspicious, black, floating object in one of the cargo cars. Cargo car servicing was immediately interrupted, thus paralyzing the operation of the whole terminal.
“Big Acorn” (“Lielā Ozolzīle”) LBAS (Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia) award – for long term cooperation with the trade union and great investment in the development of social dialogue has been given to one of the biggest company’s by the number of employees in Ventspils – SIA “Ventamonjaks Serviss”. At the moment, there are 335 employees and it represents almost 100 professions.
On February 4, 2015, the integrated quality and environmental management system recertification audit of the Ltd. “Ventamonjaks Serviss” in accordance with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards was successfully completed by the certified audit company Ltd. “Bureau Veritas Latvia”.
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