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SIA VK Terminal Services provides services for the transshiping of liquid ammonia, oil and chemical products and storage in shore tanks, the completion of consignments and loading into tankers, analysis of the chemical composition of products, preparation of documents and other services mainly to such transit business companies in Ventspils Port as Ventamonjaks, SIA Ventall Termināls, SIA Vars and SIA Bio–Venta.

In addition to the core service of freight loading, unloading and storage the company also provides round-the-clock services for:


- power, water, nitrogen and dry air supply to terminals;


- analysis and quality control of chemical and oil products, finished biodiesel fuel and the components thereof in an accredited laboratory;


- maintenance and repairs of technological, mechanical, electro-technical, communication, water supply, heat supply, sewerage equipment and metering gauges;


- collection of industrial and household wastewater and rainwater and discharge for the treatment thereof to the treatment plant of SIA Ūdeka;


- fire and rescue services, namely, preventive and rescue works in the event of fire or emergency, supervision of works that involve a fire hazard.