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Rape-cakes - biologically energetic source for animal nutrition

Rape-cake obtained from rape seed recycling process, serves as a high-quality albumen (protein) and energy source for animal nutrition. Cakes are used as protein supplement for poultry, pigs and cattle, fish, especially cow feed ration. Experts of this field recommend dose for cattle up to 2.5 kg per day. At this quantity it is likely to increase the milk production to 4 liters per day.


Note - the cakes are not recommended as the only food for animals, it is necessary to mix it with other concentrated feed (barley, wheat, corn or other flour). Overfeeding animals with rape-cakes, there is a possibility that the animal may have disorders of food intake (loss of appetite), etc. health problems, so it is very important to take the cake in moderation to make the most efficient outcome. In order to cake in animal nutrition would be effective, it is recommended to use an animal feed manufacturer prescription services, thereby determining the optimal amount of admixture in food. Taking into account that rape-cake primary end use is fodder, the usability is relatively broad.


Rape-cakes are used also as:

- fuel - on its heating value that is equivalent to wood usage is depends on the economic profitability;

- organic fertilizer land used for agriculture;

- raw material for biogas production;

- material feedstock of thermal insulation.


Rape-cake situation in market is interesting - local producers exports their rape-cakes to other countries, but the peasants imports them. Often these cakes are Latvian origin. One of the largest Latvian producers of rape-cakes is Ltd. Bio -Venta. Companies most important advantages compared to other rape-cake produced products is their energy value. Rape-cake production technology provides hot rape-cake pressing, the product is granulated to make its use more convenient for consumers. This production mode simplifies storage, logistics, and treatment of the microbiological problem occurrence. Latvian University of Agriculture, analytical science laboratory of Agronomy, research indicates that Ltd. Bio-Venta rapeseed cake in one kilogram is 6.8 MJ NEL / kg dry matter, a crude protein content is ~ 33% and the oil content of dry matter is ~ 10-13%. Ltd. Bio-Venta their production mainly exports to foreign countries. It is very difficult to realize products in Latvia’s market at this moment - demand for rape-cakes is low. Considering that Ltd. Bio-Venta manufacturing process produces rape-cakes with high nutritional characteristics, their prices are higher than domestic prices. However, Ltd. Bio-Venta product consumption figures indicate that demand for rape-cake in export markets is increasing every year.


In order to provide feed - rape cakes - fitness for animal nutrition, Ltd. Bio-Venta has introduced a system of self-control, compatible with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) principles and animal feed chain law. Depending on the technology used and oil content rape seeds from 1 ton of rape seed may get around 380 to 400 liters (about 350 to 370 kg) of rape oil and approximately 650 kg of rape cake.


The company, as much as possible in its operation supports local rape growers by buying seeds of rape, and our manufactured products to consumers. However, rape cakes group of consumers would like to see more Latvian farmers. Highly appreciate each local farmer's choice in favor of our products.


Ltd. Bio-Venta management

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