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Rape doesn’t disappoint this year!

Bio-Venta, which is the largest biodiesel production and transhipment complex in the Baltic States, have been able to procure the necessary amount of rapeseed to continue to produce biodiesel, rapeseed expeller and other by-products from the manufacturing process.


Ltd. Bio-Venta first, in Latvia threshed rapeseed freight, received on July 25 from agriculturists of Talsu novads. Season is in full swing - summer rape is already threshed and many of the fields which have been sown with the winter rape, grain harvesters’ work are already done. Ltd. Bio-Venta rape buying specialist G.Kalnins concludes that the new yield and seed quality indicators, due to the weather conditions during harvest, is very high, which means it will be possible to get more oil from rape seeds, which is very important factor for the company's production. G.Kalniņš stresses that despite the fact that this year the rape harvest assessed as low, thanks to the faithful range of suppliers Bio-Venta has been able to buy needed production volumes. In 2014 the company collaborated with more than 50 farms, with an emphasis on the fact that half of the season has only passed.


Ltd. Bio-Venta rapeseed suppliers, agriculturists from Vandze region say that rape season this year is especially good. Per hectare threshed rapeseed is about 3.65 t, which is a relatively high indicator against 4 to 4,5 t per hectare, which is the average yield indicator. Agriculturists admit that even the weather Vandze region was extremely grateful and not black frost or heat has not harmed the yield. Also the summer rape promises to be good as long as the weather will be grateful and will allow threshing it on the right time. As the result of the ban on pesticides from neonicotinoids group, this year's challenge has been the fight against insects. And we must admit that we have lost this fight. But overall agriculturists from region of Vandze are satisfied with the rapeseed harvest this year.


In turn, agriculturists from Aizpute - Kuldiga region, satisfaction with this year's winter rape yield does not hurry to show. Harvest this year is mainly affected by the black frost, which surprised them in spring. As a result, about 60% of last spring sown rape froze. Rape survived mainly in places where was leeward. Rape harvest was only 2.35 tons per hectare, and also the grain prices this year are very low, which makes the situation even worse. With wheat observed a similar situation, the yield will not be the best. The only consolation is barley - this crop is very good this year, succumbed to both the quality and quantity. It seems that the barley harvest will be one of the best ever had. Also the fight against insects this year is unproblematic, despite the entry into force of the new prohibition. For most of the agriculturists, this prohibition has caused a lot of worry, and the fight with the insects this year has been lost, but in our fields they just have not been seen in big amounts. Next year seems more optimistically, winter rape has already been sown, even more than last year. It can only be hoped that the next year prices will be friendlier for agriculturists.
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