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Finds contraband cigarettes
During the unloading of liquid cargo from the freight car, the liquid cargo loading equipment operators of Ventamonjaks Serviss noticed a suspicious, black, floating object in one of the cargo cars. Cargo car servicing was immediately interrupted, thus paralyzing the operation of the whole terminal.

Having received information on the detected object, Ventamonjaks Serviss internal security service dispatchers assessed the situation and recorded the fact that the object, possibly, contains contraband cigarettes. Giving number one priority to the safety of city residents and staff members, a decision was made to immediately commence notification procedures and actions in accordance with the port equipment protection plan, according to which port and port equipment protection function and monitoring must be carried out after the notification procedures until the moment when officials of the responsible and competent state institutions arrive and take over the management of the situation.


Having arrived at the site of the incident, the responsible state institution officials carried out explosion-safety inspection of the object of unknown origin. Employees of the internal security service, in collaboration with the involved state institutions, made a decision to remove the respective rail freight batch from the territory in order to neutralize potential danger of explosion, during the extraction of the object. Having neutralized the object, contraband cigarettes were found within its contents.



The management of the company expresses gratitude to the staff members of the internal security service and officials of the state institutions for the work - successful resolving of the situation.

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