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Bio-Venta has repeatedly obtained the ISCC certificate, which attests to the sustainability of the product produced by BioVenta
Exactly 5 years ago, Bureau Veritas certified the biodiesel produced by BioVenta according to the quality criteria of the ISCC system. Each of these past years have been full of confidence regarding the top quality and sustainability of the biodiesel produced by Bio-Venta as attested by the ISCC certificate, received by Bio-Venta for the fifth consecutive time this year
ISCC is the first nationally recognised certification system in the world, which uniformly applies to all agricultural raw materials (traditionally rape, wheat, rye, sugar beet, sugar cane, maize, soya or palm oil is used for the production of energy). The ISCC system documents the sustainable bioenergy production chain throughout the entire value added creation process – from the field, warehouse, oil mill, and refining and biofuel production to the end-customer of the product. If previously it was impossible to identify the origin of rape seeds in the complex supply chain resulting in the production of the end-product that was used to fill the fuel tanks of vehicles, at present, following the sustainable development criteria, now it is possible to trace the certified raw material in every stage of production.
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