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Bio-Venta received the silver category evaluation in assessing the Sustainability Index

They came out of a clear sky and won the silver! These words were addressed to representatives of Bio-Venta by the Master of the Business Sustainability Index ceremony inviting them to receive award of the Silver category.



Bio-Venta participated in the assessment of the sustainability index for the first time, "We realized that we want to get an independent expert evaluation of our activities, activities and systems previously introduced into the company", said the Chairman of the Board of Bio-Venta, Egils Staris.


The Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool based on the experience of the most influential global indices, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Business in the Community CR Index, and their internationally recognised methodology that helps Latvian companies to evaluate their sustainability performance and corporate responsibility level in five categories: strategy, work environment, market relations, the environment and society or the local community. The partners within the initiative are the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Institute, the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia.


Chairman of the Board Egils Staris: This is an acknowledgement of our teamwork. I am glad that we applied for the Sustainability Index and I am grateful for the award we received. The wish of every entrepreneur is to improve best practice and the activities undertaken to promote the development of the company. We are determined to work on improvements so that in 2018 we can compete with companies in the gold and platinum categories.


Bio-Venta expresses their gratitude to the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility and the expert jury team for their SILVER category evaluation, and their thorough evaluation of the sustainability and corporate responsibility practices of the company.



Bio-Venta Ltd is the largest bio-diesel manufacturer in the Baltic States that was founded in 2004 with a total investment of more than EUR 77million EUR. Bio-diesel, which is more environmentally friendly than fossil diesel, is produced using the resources provided by nature, namely rapeseed. Additional products that result from production are rape cakes (fodder), chemical fertilizers - potassium sulphate and pharmaceutical quality glycerine. As a result of a 70 million euro turnover and various export markets, the company has been included amongst the TOP Latvian exporters in the last few years.


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