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Open door day at Bio-Venta

This year Ltd. Bio-Venta organize open day on 30th August (at 13:00) for residents of city and other interested parties. This is an opportunity for everyone to get to know in presence the plant, to find out about biodiesel production varied steps of the process and also it will be possible to ask topical questions to company experts.


Everyone will have an opportunity to see processes that begins with rapeseed oil obtaining technologies and ends with manufacturing environmentaly friendly biodiesel. Rapeseed oil obtaining technologies includes rapeseed cleaning from dusts and other foreign bodies.


The seed coat has been removed, they are heated up and from result of mechanically pressing, the oil is obtained. In turn, in the manufacturing process, as a result of repeatedly oil treatment is biofuel and other products as rapeseed cake, potassium sulfate etc.


Companies manufacturing process is fully closed, safe to environment and human health. Interested persons can apply previously by calling 63620870 or sending information by e-mail on till 29th August, at 17:00.



Bio-Venta Ltd is the largest bio-diesel manufacturer in the Baltic States that was founded in 2004 with a total investment of more than EUR 77million EUR. Bio-diesel, which is more environmentally friendly than fossil diesel, is produced using the resources provided by nature, namely rapeseed. Additional products that result from production are rape cakes (fodder), chemical fertilizers - potassium sulphate and pharmaceutical quality glycerine. As a result of a 70 million euro turnover and various export markets, the company has been included amongst the TOP Latvian exporters in the last few years.


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