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They came out of a clear sky and won the silver! These words were addressed to representatives of Bio-Venta by the Master of the Business Sustainability Index ceremony inviting them to receive award of the Silver category.


This year Ltd. Bio-Venta organize open day on 24th August (at 13:00) for residents of city and other interested parties. This is an opportunity for everyone to get to know in presence the plant, to find out about biodiesel production varied steps of the process and also it will be possible to ask topical questions to company experts.
Exactly 5 years ago, Bureau Veritas certified the biodiesel produced by BioVenta according to the quality criteria of the ISCC system. Each of these past years have been full of confidence regarding the top quality and sustainability of the biodiesel produced by Bio-Venta as attested by the ISCC certificate, received by Bio-Venta for the fifth consecutive time this year
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