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This year, just like last year, Bio-Venta won the competition held by LDz Ritošā sastāva serviss for the supply of biodiesel from April to October 2016. During the term of the cooperation, biodiesel conforming to the LVS EN-14214 standard will be supplied to LDz Ritošā sastāva serviss.
During the unloading of liquid cargo from the freight car, the liquid cargo loading equipment operators of Ventamonjaks Serviss noticed a suspicious, black, floating object in one of the cargo cars. Cargo car servicing was immediately interrupted, thus paralyzing the operation of the whole terminal.
October 5 marked 10 years since the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia issued a Certificate of Incorporation to company VK Ekspedīcija. The company was founded with the aim of providing expeditor and ammonia loading services. Cargo management and clearance services are provided for both local companies, and foreign clients. In 2005 VK Ekspedīcija ensured workplaces for 9 employees; now the company already has 16 highly-qualified specialists, agents – expeditors, logistics specialists, accountants, cargo acceptors – senders, and other specialist.
“Big Acorn” (“Lielā Ozolzīle”) LBAS (Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia) award – for long term cooperation with the trade union and great investment in the development of social dialogue has been given to one of the biggest company’s by the number of employees in Ventspils – SIA “Ventamonjaks Serviss”. At the moment, there are 335 employees and it represents almost 100 professions.
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