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SIA VK Tranzīts was founded in November 2003 and initially the main business areas of the company were the forwarding of ammonia and light oil products and handling of ammonia freights.

In 2004 SIA VK Tranzīts together with partners founded SIA Bio-Venta. Construction of the biodiesel fuel production plant was started in 2006 and successfully finished in 2008 when the plant was commissioned and the production of biodiesel fuel was launched. SIA Bio-Venta is the biggest biodiesel production complex in the Baltic countries, with a maximum capacity of 100 000 tons of biodiesel annually. The plant also produces rapeseed cake – 65 000 t/per annum, pharmaceutical grade glycerine – 9000 t/per annum and fertiliser (potassium sulphate) – 1600 t/per annum.


In 2005 a decision was passed to change the operating activities of the company from forwarding to holding activities. In October the subsidiary SIA VK Ekspedīcija was founded and carried on with the forwarding of ammonia and light oil products, production of truck biodiesel, handling of ammonia freights and wholesale of ammonia and methanol.


In November 2007 the company acquired 100% of the shares in SIA VK Terminal Services. SIA VK Terminal Services provides a wide range of services for a number of port terminals – transferring of liquid ammonia, oil and chemical products, as well as biodiesel to and storage in land tanks, the completion of consignments and loading into tankers, as well as the arrangement of necessary documentation.

Today SIA VK Tranzīts is a holding company that unites a part of the biggest companies in Freeport of Ventspils, which deal with the handling of ammonia, light oil products and other oil chemical products, provide services of freight forwarding by rail and brokerage and are the biggest biofuel producers in the Baltic countries.