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Business environment

The Baltic region has always been an intersection of interests of businesses from the East and the West. The inexhaustible natural resources of the East not only fully satisfy their own needs but also allow exporting of the widest assortment of oil and chemical products to the West. Its constant affluence, in turn, helps to ensure the permanence of industrial and economic processes all over the world.


It is therefore important that a reliable intermediary is at work in that region, who would work at a mode of high efficiency, and be able to provide the highest quality and most economically advantageous services on the trading route thanks to its geographical position, modern technologies and extensive experience.

Ventspils Port is an important transit centre. The ice-free port of Ventspils ensures fast and quality freight servicing.


Freeport of Ventspils enjoys the status of a special economic area. Companies that start their operations there are offered a number of business promotion measures, including a discount of up to 80% on real estate tax and corporate tax, as well as considerable value added tax, excise tax and customs duty reliefs.

The Holding’s terminals are located so that they have a direct exit into the sea water area, therefore ships can be serviced during any season and in almost any weather conditions, and the distance between the manufacturer to the suppliers and to the main ports in Europe is shortest there as well.