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About the company

SIA VK Ekspedīcija was founded on 5 October 2005 as a subsidiary of SIA VK Tranzīts. The main business areas of the company are the forwarding and handling of freights of ammonia, light oil products and cargos intended for biodiesel production and wholesales of ammonia and other chemical products.


SIA VK Ekspedīcija provides ammonia forwarding and brokerage services both for related companies (SIA Bio Venta and SIA Ventall Termināls) and non-related companies, from the Latvian border to loading into the consignor’s tankers in Freeport of Ventspils. SIA VK Ekspedīcija has companies from Latvia, other Baltic countries, as well as Sweden, Norway, Russia, the USA and other countries as its business partners.


In November 2008 the company received a freight forwarder certificate issued by the Latvian Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics. The certificate confirms the competence and secured liability of SIA VK Ekspedīcija.


The company performs the functions of strategic management, marketing and sales in their entirety. Other functions are performed in part, by outsourcing the same to sub-companies but at the same time undertaking liability and all the market and service provision risks thereof. SIA VK Ekspedīcija has attracted SIA LDZ Cargo, SIA Ventamonjaks Serviss and AS Ventamonjaks to ensure these functions.


Currently there are16 top qualification employees working for the company.