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VK Ekspedicija celebrates 10th anniversary
October 5 marked 10 years since the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia issued a Certificate of Incorporation to company VK Ekspedīcija. The company was founded with the aim of providing expeditor and ammonia loading services. Cargo management and clearance services are provided for both local companies, and foreign clients. In 2005 VK Ekspedīcija ensured workplaces for 9 employees; now the company already has 16 highly-qualified specialists, agents – expeditors, logistics specialists, accountants, cargo acceptors – senders, and other specialist.

In 2014 VK Ekspedīcija team managed to expedite cargo the total amount of which exceeds 1 million tons. Economic activity results of the 9 months of this year show that the 10th anniversary year will be even more successful for the company and that the volume of cargo transported will exceed the figures of 2014. Company management is proud of its environment of responsible and skilled employees in which professional skills and quality requirements are continuously improved and developed.


VK Ekspedīcija management would like to express their GRATITUDE to all VK Ekspedīcija employees for their hard work and cooperation partners and all the other enterprises of VK Tranzīts group for successful cooperation

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