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Freight Forwarding


SIA VK Ekspedīcija provides forwarding services to freight owners. The company provides for all the necessary activities related to the management of the freight transport process of transit shipments in the territory of the Republic of Latvia, including the organisation of freight forwarding by rail, acceptance and shipment of freights, completion of customs proceedings, arrangement of waybills.


Product Handling Services


The company performs the strategic management and marketing functions while AS Ventamonjaks, SIA Bio-Venta and SIA Ventall Termināls ensure the flow of products forwarded for handling. SIA VK Ekspedīcija does not directly provide for the product handling, instead it outsources these services to the contractors AS Ventamonjaks and SIA Ventamonjaks serviss – who provide product handling and storage services.


Sale and Purchase of Chemical Products


In addition to forwarding and handling services SIA VK Ekspedīcija sells and purchases chemical products, e.g. ammonia and methanol. SIA VK Ekspedīcija buys chemical products from companies in Lithuania, Russia and Belarus and sells to customers in the USA, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Sweden.


Seeking for Logistics Solutions


Delivery cost estimate

Ordering of railway wagons



Liquid oil and chemical product consignment document preparation and arrangement services


- freight bill of lading

- cargo manifest

- certificate of origin

- freight sample certificate

- captain’s mail

- framework deed

- unloading notice

- unloading and loading order


Most frequently consignment documents are prepared for the following products:


Transit: ammonia, diesel fuel and gasoline

Export: biodiesel fuel

Import: ethylene glycol polyester, glycerine, diesel fuel, jet fuel